winrar压缩软件 V5.50 Beta2 [64位] 烈火汉化正式版


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WINRAR 是现在最好的压缩工具,界面友好,使用方便,在压缩率和速度方面都有很好的表现。其压缩率比之 WinZip 之流要高。RAR 采用了比 Zip 更先进的压缩算法,是现在压缩率较大、压缩速度较快的格式之一。 主要特点:对 RAR 和 ZIP 的完全支持; 支持 ARJ、CAB、LZH、ACE、TAR、GZ、UUE、BZ2、JAR、ISO 类型文件的解压;多卷压缩功能;创建自释放文件,可以制作简单的安装程序,使用方便;强大的档案文件修复功能,最大限度恢复损坏的 rar 和 zip 压缩文件中的数据,如果设置了恢复记录,甚至可能完全恢复等等……

WinrRAR 是一个强力压缩工具,允许你管理和操作压缩文件。控制台 RAR 只支持 RAR 格式,带有的 ".rar" 扩展名的文件。ZIP 和其他格式不被支持。Windows 用户可以安装图形界面 RAR 版本 - WinRAR,它可以处理更多的压缩文件类型。

WinRAR 的功能包括:

   *  高度成熟的原创压缩算法
   *  对于文本、声音、图像和 32 位和 64 位 Intel 可执行程序压缩的特殊优化算法
   *  获得比类似工具更好的压缩率,使用'固实'压缩
   *  身份校验(只有注册版本可用)
   *  自解压压缩文件和分卷压缩(SFX)
   *  对物理损伤的压缩文件的恢复能力
   *  锁定,密码,文件顺序列表,文件安全和更多……....


* 基于官方简体中文版升级 (集成Realkey,安装后已注册)
* 无视文件锁定 (可编辑锁定的文件, 修改注释、添加文件什么的很方便!)
* 无视 AV 验证 (官方5.00已淘汰此功能,因此本版今后不再修改此项)
* 汉化命令行版本 RAR.EXE 和 UnRAR.exe
* 替换 7zxa.dll v9.22 为最新 9.32 Alpha
* 美化版采用 48*48 尺寸 Jr. theme 图标
* 感谢:  D4llower (美化), zd423, shuax (技术支持)


WinRAR Version 5.50 Beta 更新日志

1. WinRAR and command line RAR use RAR 5.0 archive format by default.You can change it to RAR 4.x compatible format with “RAR4” option in archiving dialog or -ma4 command line switch.

If you prefer RAR 4.x format by default, use “Create default…”button on “Compression” page of WinRAR settings and set “RAR4″in the displayed dialog.

This change affects only new clean installs. If you already savedRAR format in the default compression profile in previous versions,WinRAR respects stored settings.

2. Use “Set master password” button in “Organize passwords” dialogto encrypt saved password records and protect them from unauthorized access.

If saved passwords are protected with master password, you need toenter the master password and press “OK” in password prompt to access them. If entered password does not match the master password,it is treated as a usual password for archive Operations.

Once entered, the master password is valid until WinRAR is closed.Close WinRAR and open it again after specifying the master password if you wish to see how protection works. Enter a valid and then empty master password to remove encryption from previously protectedpassword records.

This WinRAR version uses a new data format for password organizer,so passwords stored in “Organize passwords” dialog are not readable

by older versions. It does not affect archive encryption formats and encrypted archives are compatible with previous WinRAR version. Organizer data is converted to a new format only when you save itand not immediately after installing WinRAR.

3. Prompt proposing to set the master password is displayed when storing a password in compression profile. You can enter

the master password to encrypt password data stored in Registry and protect it from unauthorized access. You will need to enter the master password in password prompt dialog to accesssuch compression profile after that.

Once entered, the master password is valid until WinRAR is closed.Close WinRAR and open it again after specifying the master password if you wish to see how protection works.

4. By default, WinRAR uses AES-256 in CTR mode to encrypt ZIP archives.While AES-256 is significantly more secure than ZIP 2.0 legacy

encryption algorithm, it can be incompatible with some older unzip software. If compatibility with such tools is required,

you can enable “ZIP legacy encryption” option in the password dialog or use -mezl switch in the command line mode.

5. Added extraction support for .LZ archives created by Lzip compressor.

6. Modern TAR tools can store high precision file times, lengthy file names and large file sizes in special PAX extended headers

inside of TAR archive. Now WinRAR supports such PAX headers and uses them when extracting TAR archives.

7. New “Store modification time” option on “Time” page of archiving dialog can be used to prohibit storing the file modification time in RAR 5.x archives. Former “High precision modification time” option is replaced by “High precision time format”.

8. New “Full paths in title bar” option in “Settings/General” dialog. If enabled, the full path of currently opened folder or archive is displayed in WinRAR title bar.

9. New “Settings/Archives” page provides “File types to open as archives first” group of options. Here you can define how Enter or double click on a file with non-archive extension and archive contents should be processed in WinRAR file list. Examples of such files are .docx or self-extracting .exe archives.

You can instruct WinRAR to open such files as archives,to run them, to handle them similarly or differently inside and outside of archives, to never run specified file types even if they do not include any archived contents.

Default settings are to open self-extracting exe and to run other types of archives with non-archive extension.

Regardless of these options, you can always open any such archive file by pressing Ctrl+PgDn on its name in WinRAR file list.

10. New “Copy full names to clipboard” command in “File” menu places full names of selected files to clipboard.

This command is also added to context menu displayed when right clicking the file list in WinRAR. Several other commands,which are also present on the toolbar or in main menu,such as “View” and “Repair”, are removed from this context menu.

11. LZ and ZIPX are added to list of associations in Settings/Integration dialog.

12. LZ and ZIPX extensions are added to default list of formats for-ms switch (“Specify file types to store”) invoked without parameters.

13. You can specify ‘f’ charset value in -sc switch to use UTF-8

encoding. For example:

rar a -scfl arcname @filelist.txt to read contents of filelist.txt as UTF-8 text.

14. RAR “lt” and “vt” commands display file times with nanosecond precision. Such precision is used in RAR5 archives created by RAR/Unix 5.50 and newer. Archives created by WinRAR have 100ns file time precision.

15. Only ‘+’, ‘-‘ and ‘1’ precision modifiers are supported in -ts switch now. Use ‘+’ to store the file time with maximum

precision, ‘-‘ to omit the file time and ‘1’ to store it with 1 second precision. Intermediate precision modes previously

defined with ‘2’ and ‘3’ modifiers are not available in RAR 5.0 archive format and ignored by -ts switch.

16. If a wrong password is entered when unpacking an encrypted file in RAR5 archive, WinRAR proposes to enter a valid password for same file again instead of aborting extraction.

17. File path information is displayed if mouse pointer is placed over a name of archiving file in the Operation progress window.

18. Name of currently active compression profile is displayed in the archiving dialog above “Profiles…” button.

19. If “Find” command is invoked from inside of archive subfolder,”File names to find” will include the path to this subfolder. So “Find” will search only starting from this subfolder.

20. Bugs fixed:

a) WinRAR failed to unpack files in ZIP archives compressed with XZ algorithm and encrypted with AES;

b) if “Windows progress bars” option in WinRAR settings was turned off and “Put each file to separate archive” archiving mode was used,

“gold” part of total progress bar did not display the compressed data ratio correctly;

c) SFX archive extraction progress was incorrect in case of multivolume SFX archive with total volume size exceeding 4 GB;

d) if archived folder name included trailing spaces, if user selected and extracted some folders in non-root archive folder and if “Allow potentially incompatible names” extraction option was turned off, WinRAR could lose one or more leading characters in extracted folder name;

e) if only creation or only last access file time was stored in RAR5 archive with 1 second precision, such as with -ma5 -tsm- -tsa1 switches, this stored time was ignored when extracting.

WinRAR 版本 5.31

1. 在 Windows 高 DPI 模式, 下列问题得到修正:

a) 当文字缩放比为 150% 或更高时, WinRAR 的注释文字不会随之变化, 看起来太小;

b) 在文字缩放比为 125% 或更高时, WinRAR 文件菜单的字段宽度比预期的要小.

2. 改进了从右到左的语言界面:

a) 在简单 WinRAR 提示中适当地进行文件对齐, 例如确认删除压缩文件或清除日志文件;

b) 在多页面对话框中的"确定","取消","帮助"按钮, 例如压缩或解压缩选项或 WinRAR 设置, 会正确的对齐, 并翻译为默认 Windows 显示语言.

3. 错误修正:

a) WinRAR 的自解压模块可以自己执行相同路径下的 DLL 文件且调用 WindowsAPI 函数.如果自解压文件和恶意软件同时放在同一个文件夹中, 可能给产生资料和信息安全带来隐患.现在自解压文件会进一步做判断, 具体表现在Windows Vista 以上的版本.

至于 Windows XP 用户, 不要在自解压文件所在的文件夹中存放可疑的 DLL文件.请务必小心, 我们只能帮你到这了.

b) WinRAR 5.30 无法成功的从文件列表中运行 .lnk 文件.

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